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Nutrient Supplies

Hydroponic NutrientsNutrients provide the food your plants need to flourish in each stage of growth!
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Grow Tents

Hydroponic Grow TentsProvide your plants with the protection and environment they need to produce a harvest!
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Containers and Pots

Net PotsContainers and pots are essential in most systems to developing healthy roots.
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Hydroponic PumpsHydroponic pumps provide oxygen and water movement to keep your system healthy.
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Hydroponic supplies for indoor and outdoor growing. A large variety of systems, lighting, grow media, nutrients, management and supplies. Urban Farmer Hydroponics is located in Indiana and ships to customers throughout the United States.
Hydroponic Garden GuideA guide for choosing the right hydroponic system and supplies.

Feeding ScheduleFind the right nutrient feeding schedule for your hydroponic system.

Free CatalogGrab our free hydroponic catalog full of growing supplies and more.